What’s a Really Really Free Market?

It’s a swap meet, a potluck, and a block party all rolled into one! We bring stuff we want to share, find new treasures to take home, and have a great time while we do it! And it’s not just material things either! Can you cut or braid hair, fix bikes, give killer back massages, teach a skill, or play sing-alongs on your guitar? Bring it all! It’s so much fun to get outside, share your old stuff, meet new friends, and take care of each other without having to worry about money. Wouldn’t the world be nicer if every interaction was as free and easy as this?

Who are we?

Nobody special. The RRFM idea is being done all around the world, we just thought it sounded like fun to try one here in the Twin Cities. We’re not affiliated with any church, political party, or organization. Just folks who like to share. At most, we’re a promotions team, putting up flyers and running this website. You and everyone else who comes out each month are the ones making it happen!



  1. Pete K. said,

    Live in Farmington, interested in meeting other vegetarians/vegans.

    • tcfreemarket said,

      Well, Pete, the RRFM is for everyone, regardless of what they choose to eat, but I’m sure you’ll meet some veggie folks at the next market!

  2. Jacqui said,

    Sharing is caring!

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